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He told the New York Times: ‘Who else would I be thinking about?And by the way, it’s a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six years. So it’s like, give me this, people.’ Right in the feels.“Part of cultural appropriation is blindness,” Mayer told the s, noting that, “I’m on the right side of the line because it’s an idea for the video that has a very multiethnic casting, and nobody who is white or non-Asian is playing an Asian person.” Later, he adds that he does think that someone will “tweet that this is cultural appropriation,” (even if you’re using Asian actors, you’re still using Asian culture simply as an aesthetic background, John), and that “it’s going to be interesting to see,” (oh, it will).While not defending his thoughts about disco dojos, Mayer is also looking for love.K., John, this is not about an on-again, off-again relationship.This is something more profound.’ He went on to say how he thinks he’s let his life pass him by, because he’s ready for the ‘baby with the ear defenders’ by the side of the stage, and wants to buy a family home.Site navigation Login New profile / join Search profiles Galleries of daddies Galleries of admirers Chat / camchat Marketplace / videos News / history Links and resources Contribute!

She is now dating Orlando Bloom, a guy who would be on Raya if he weren’t dating Katy Perry.Or the time Demi slammed fellow pop star and John's other ex Taylor Swift for perpetuating a “false image of what people should look like” with her squad of Victoria's Secret model besties.Or the time John, in the same 2010 Playboy interview, used the N word while insisting “black people love [him].”Or the other time Demi slammed Taylor Swift for donating 0,000 to help Kesha cover legal fees during her battle with Sony and Doctor Luke.Or the time, IN THE SAME 2010 PLAYBOY INTERVIEW, John called his dick “a white supremacist.”John's statements are, like, way worse than Demi's, but that's just where we are as a society in terms of how much it takes to vilify a prominent man versus a prominent woman.Humans are all just wet trash at varying stages of decay. In the event there's any truth to rumors Demi and John are, indeed, whispering sweet nothings about how uncomfortable each of them feel around Taylor Swift and black people, respectively, this is going to be less of a whirlwind romance and more of a tornado that levels Hollywood. Taylor Ortega is a New York based writer and comedian.

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