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You see, here at The Dating Divas, we believe in the importance of couples pictures.There’s just something magical about the way a picture can capture and preserve our memories and feelings.Despite their penchant for wacky behaviour - which included wearing vials of each other’s blood around their necks – de Bin-Parish said she thought with their difference in looks, it was an ‘odd pairing’. I always wondered why they were attracted to each other. The movie loosely draws inspiration from the tale of Countess Báthory, a 16th-century Hungarian noblewoman who purportedly tortured and mutilated the bodies of young girls, bathing in their blood to maintain her youthful appearance.'I f***ing hope that my performance is good enough to shut them all up,' she told Dazed and Confused. Here are some of our favorite posing ideas for couples…You’ll want these pictures to match your personality and reflect this time in your lives.The other photo shows a girl, smiling tentatively and brushing her smooth face with a white-gloved hand. I used to have hair," he jokes, rolling his eyes toward the thin, white patches that remain. From the kitchen table, his wife, Coleen, waves a dismissive hand. Until her murder at age 16, Nancy Clutter was everyone's friend. But the young couple's romance ended in tragedy when Nancy, her parents and her 15-year-old brother were brutally murdered in their Holcomb farmhouse on Nov. The murders are chronicled in Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood," in which Rupp -- the last person to see the Clutter family alive -- is cast as a heartbroken young man who, in his grief, closes himself to all but one or two confidantes.It's his junior college picture, his wife's engagement portrait. They've weakened his hearing, slowed his walk and loosened his face, creasing it with wrinkles. In 45 years, Rupp, now 61, hasn't publicly discussed the book or the murders, despite hundreds of interview requests from around the world.

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Standing at the counter, the man silently studies the photos as he sips water from a Dixie cup. He wasn't fond of Capote and gets irritated by reporters nosing into his private life. But he's never forgotten, he adds in a voice that's a hint thicker -- the girl he so loved, the family he so adored. Me and Nancy, we thought we had a whole year before we'd go on to college. I guess it wasn't the Lord on this one." They'd met years earlier, but it wasn't until they were 16 that they started making eyes at each other across the high school dance floor.

" The teenage sweethearts fill their small Holcomb kitchen with unspoken memories as they nudge their thumbs along the wooden frames and smile. Brown hair, curled at the ends, sparkling eyes, a wide, girlish smile.

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