Virtual bot cam the complete idiots guide to dating

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That usually means you’ve got to slap a huge logo in the nadir to cover that footprint. So we looked at creating a remote control motorized platform for driving our camera around.

When we started our research, we found that existing platforms were quite expensive starting anywhere from ,000 up to ,000 for a simple RC chassis with some modifications.

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To alleviate this we’ve also seen people use Segways, power chairs and hoverboards too but these don’t eliminate the camera operator from the shot.

I also used the included encoders to stream wheel rotations to Initial State. from gopigo import * import sys import atexit from ISStreamer.

Streamer import Streamer # import the IS Streamer we just installed but call it "Streamer" ## name the bucket and individual access_key ## the bucket_key will send all of our messages to the same place ## the access_key tells Initial State to send the messages to you streamer=Streamer(bucket_name="Car Encoder",bucket_key="car",access_key="Your_Access_Key") atexit.register(stop) fwd() time.sleep(1) while True: streamer.log("Left Wheel",enc_read(0)) streamer.log("Right Wheel",enc_read(1)) Once everything has been installed, your Pi should restart and be Go Pi Go compatible!

But at launch many of the bots appear to have fairly limited capabilities.

A bot store, complete with search box, will eventually be populated with an array of AI helpers.

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