Updating color on windows98

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With Windows XP and much more powerful computers being sold, most people moved on to Windows XP and eventually Windows 7.Microsoft eventually ended support for the OS in 2006; there will no longer be any updates, bug fixes or security patches from Microsoft.Programs using screen resolutions with 256 colours are popular, because they offer a good compromise between memory requirements and speed on the one hand and image quality on the other hand.The burden rests on the shoulders of the application programmer to get most out of these 256 colour resolutions, however.Additionally, every video adapter sold in the past few years has had an RGB capability.So why not forget about palettes and focus solely on 16-bit and 24-bit RGB modes?

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Programming all graphics in a plain RGB format would make some tasks faster and many tasks easier.

We would recommend just getting used to the new user interface.

A Deviant Art user named kizo2703 put together a Windows Classic for Windows 8 or 10.

They also recommended programmers no longer support it either, with them soon following along.

However, there are still people who use old computers or like the features on Windows 98 enough to stick with it today.

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