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The filing just happens to coincide with the paparazzi trying to get information out of Shia. Even if Shia and Megan are having an affair and Brian found out about it, is either one of them stupid enough to admit it or go public while this whole thing is still fresh?

Why would Megan hand Brian ammunition against her on a silver platter? Were Shia La Beouf and Megan Fox cheating and hooking up right under Brian Austin Green’s nose?

With the film in theaters this week, fans have moved beyond guessing about the circumstances that led to the alleged firing and hiring of Fox and Huntington-Whiteley, respectively, and turned their attention to another pressing question: How are the two characters addressed in the film?

Specifically, how does one gorgeous girlfriend exit to leave room for a new one?

Nevermind that Shia never detailed the exact time frame of his affair with Megan…

or that Megan and BAG’s relationship, while at times off-and-on, seemed pretty “on” for most of the “We’ve been together for six years.

It's not the first movie to completely flop at the box office.

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"He didn't even know her, and he gets burned by it," he added, hinting at a "Dark of the Moon" scene where his character admits to being flat-out dumped by girlfriend #1."I remember pitching to Mike, 'Maybe we should go with a more bookish type,' " he recalled.and claimed that at the time of Shia and Megan’s hookup, Megan and BAG were on a break."[In this film], you find him with a woman who's more nurturing, who has a more maternal-type vibe; she's lighter," La Beouf explained."You went from a biker-machine-shop chick, which is a totally different sentiment, to a woman who's fresh out of college working for the British embassy as a diplomatic aide; it's a very different personality." La Beouf also revealed that before Huntington-Whiteley was cast, he suggested to director Michael Bay that they go for a girl who was the exact opposite of Megan Fox's Mikaela.

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