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Labour has had several spells in government, first as minority governments under Ramsay Mac Donald in 19–31.Mac Donald and half his cabinet split with the mainstream of the Party and were denounced as traitors.("Oh my God," gasped Coleridge, the first recreational fell-walker, pausing here in the summer of 1802, "what enormous mountains these are behind me!

In the 1930s and 1940s it stressed national planning, using nationalization of industry as a tool, but it never favoured worker control of industry.One bank of it is formed by the Screes, a rampart of rock half a mile high, in which broad red streaks are folded through the grey stone, the whole plunging and crumbling to the water's edge.On the opposite bank, with more fells massing behind, there is a solitary farmhouse, the home of Joss Naylor, sheep farmer, fell-runner and modern Lakeland hero: a man whose work and play is so bound up with the landscape he inhabits, you might compare him to Wordsworth's Lucy, "Rolled round...The internet is a powerful tool, why not utilise it to get more of what you love?Join thousands of other people from all over the UK looking for sex or flirty online adventures.

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