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In this example we're going to add some translations to the open source theme Omega.We've chosen Omega because it's set up for translation properly and we know it will work.Please click F1 (Help) if you do not understand what this authentication is.The new Expiry Date will be displayed in the Current Licence Info. Please note: You do not have to restart Jim2Server for the new licence to take effect.With our own design, construction, manufacturing and pre-assembly at our factory in Varel in North Germany, together with our installation and service technicians on-site throughout the world, we guarantee the highest quality and dependability of our products and services.With our sales and service team, various distribution partners, and a host of agents, we have a widespread sales and service network, especially in Europe, but also abroad.“The EDA-EASA Cooperation Arrangement will improve European civil-military cooperation in aviation safety.EDA and its Member States will profit from EASA’s experience in the field of harmonised airworthiness requirements.

There is no guarantee that these steps are the right ones for your exact situation, but covering all possibilities would be too technical for a beginner's guide.

Our common objective is to promote the highest possible aviation safety standards, in the civil and military domains.”Both agencies expect to achieve considerable benefits from this increased cooperation, especially in areas of ‘dual use’ aircraft.

One such example will be the A400M which had recently been certified by EASA in its civil aircraft configuration.

This guide will walk you through adding your own translations to a theme that has already been set up for translation.

Be aware that Loco Translate cannot control how themes are set up.

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