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Other types of birth control are also available, though not as popular.Clinics also have antiretroviral treatment and Plan B on hand.The index has been created by The Norwegian Council for Africa, as part of its comprehensive effort to strengthen the knowledge of Africa and African affairs.The projects has been developed in cooperation with the information company Gazette, and wit h financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The e Harmony membership pool is a diverse group of individuals.

In 1904, in what was then German South-West Africa, now Namibia, the Herero and Nama peoples rebelled against colonial control.

The two risings were neither coordinated nor very shrewdly planned.

Like rebels throughout Africa and Asia, the insurgents were almost inevitably doomed to failure: outgunned and outnumbered.

This SADC website provides information that the SADC community uses to monitor conditions within Southern Africa when cyclones, floods and drought occur as a result of anomalous climate and weather conditions.

It is provided as a service by the SADC regional meteorology, hydrology, food security and disaster communities to its member states.

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