Hearing person dating a deaf person

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If he gets mad or makes excuses then he is not right for you..."-DEE72072"married to a hearing woman...didn't start losing my hearing until I was 15, so I didn't need to sign while I was growing up.

Since losing my hearing..a point of learning some SL.....

The biggest difficulty, which most deaf people face in life, is socializing with hearing people.

Nevertheless, several deaf people socialize with hearing people. Deaf-hearing marriages have their own special challenges.

I have spent enough time on dating and have met men from all backgrounds. I have many single deaf friends who would love to find someone special but some of them have been overlooked because they are deaf.

Some of my dates have gone into the abyss of my memories, some were horrifying!

I prepare guys before the date so they know what they are expecting. FACT Please don’t view deaf people very different from you.

Can I get some deaf parent experiences about when their non-deaf children started talking?This is a common problem in "mixed marriages." ..him down and tell him that he has to learn because you guys aren't communicating.It is easier for him to learn signs and impossible for you to learn to hear..."-BLUIZJUDY"..wouldnt learn SL...wasnt that hard on me but...sometimes I couldnt understand him. Start talking to him in SL and act like you cant understand him at all if he tries to talk to you without signing or make him repeat all the time and eventually he would get tired of repeating himself and then he would ask you for some help in learning the SL.Of course, it shouldn’t really matter who a Deaf person gets together with – it should be about their connection with that person, not how much that person can hear. Will they remember to communicate clearly even when they’re stressed, or they’re in a group, or when the initial spark dies down and they’re arguing about who should have done the washing up?But in reality, the success of any relationship comes down to communication, and this is the particular challenge facing couples where one is deaf and one hearing. Of course, the deaf person bears just as much responsibility for this.

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