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Starting in 10.12.5, mac OS ignores that unique identifier, so now all of the CCC wake events are identical. Normally these are harmless and a reboot always removes these, but this update clears them all and uses a new algorithm to identify and remove wake events.

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Please let us know what video card you are running and if possible the driver version as well.

It is likely that updating your video card's driver may correct this. I did fix it however on the local machine, but it still happens when I remote in.

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Open GL is a graphics standard, but each implementation is maintained by individual graphics card companies.After upgrading to 4.0.1 I am getting this error:'hardware acceleration could not be initialized and video playback performance may be impacted.this can occur when operating over software such as remote desktop.if encountered under other circumstances please select help, report a problem or email support'Win 2008r2i didn't see any other posts. I also get this error with 4.1 and did with 4.0I am running Windows 2012R2.I use a HP Microserver and I am presuming the error relates to the lack of a high end video card?

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